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LochJournal 2.2

The first stable release of the LochJournal 2 series--LochJournal 2.2!

This version features the long awaited checkfriends support. This gives you the ability to know as soon as someone posts an entry on your friends page! LochJournal now supports this feature through the Edit Alerts menu within the Profile menu.

This version also sports a full featured installer, much like earlier 1.0 series versions. It makes it very easy to install!

As always, please let me know what you think!

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LochJournal 2.1

Been about two months since I rolled out 2.0 BETA. I've had some good feedback and some time to work on it, so I figure it's time I rolled out the 2.1 version. I'm not quite ready to throw this in an installer and call it Gold, so I'm going to once again go the route of having a zip file for people to test it.

I'm not calling this a beta, as it's in much better shape than 2.0 was. But, it's still got some kinks in the system, and I'm hoping that by getting some feedback from ya'll, I'll be able to get those worked out so we can get a 2.2 stable version coming out shortly after this. (Heh. Shortly.)

Some things that have changed in 2.1:

- Calendar button! (Thanks stephendann!)
- Save as Draft functionality (as well as opening drafts and posting them, etc)
- Post auto-recovery (if it can't contact the server or fails somehow, it should recover...)
- Proxy support (supposedly, someone test it?)
- Stability, stability, stability!

Things that are not done yet:

- Spellchecking (eventually...)
- Draft Saving every X minutes
- Pretty options page (kinda ugly right now)
- Entry preview functionality
- WYSIWYG/rich editing? (Maaaaaybe...)
- Userpic preview in the selection dropdown
- Journal/service crossposting of the same entry
- Encryption of drafts (they're plaintext right now)
- Journal history
- Checkfriends protocol support
- Console support

Of course, you all are probably wanting to know where to get this new version.

Download link.

Once again: this is a preview version for people who are helping to test LochJournal before I can release it with an installer and call it stable. If you aren't comfortable with downloading beta code, don't try this at home.

It /should/ be compatible with your existing databases and such, but I wouldn't encourage you to keep 'em around. Might as well put this version in an entirely new directory (or just wipe the old directory clean).

Please comment with any feedback you have. Thanks!
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LochJournal 2.0 BETA

Alright guys. I've got a BETA of LochJournal 2.0 ready for some testing. Basically, it has the following features DONE and WORKING (I hope):

- Posting
- Multiple servers
- Friend management
- Group management
- Calendar (view upcoming birthdays)
- Unicode support (theoretically, I never use it, though, so...)

It does NOT have the following features, yet:

- Post preview
- Spellchecking
- Most configuration options (it has a few)
- Support for proxies
- Complete graphic set (missing a button)

These features are all *relatively* minor, if you don't mind all the defaults that I've setup. :) If you do, poke me until I get the final 2.0 done.

And, in other notes ... I forgot who sent me the graphics I'm now using. Please speak up and name yourself so that I can honor you! Also, it needs another button... one for the Calendar page. It used to say Unknown, so the button still says that.

This version is also 99% translateable. You can make it into other languages. Just check out the en.dat file in the lang directory. You can change the language you use by changing that option in the Preferences dialog. If you translate it into another language, mail me the .dat file and I'll include it in the official 2.0 release when it comes out!

Download link.

Unzip all of these files to a new directory, something like c:\lochjournal, and then you can run the lochjnew.exe program. Please let me know if you have any problems, questions, comments, or suggestions. I'm always open to feedback.

I'll try to get the real 2.0 version released here over this break sometime, but I wanted to get some people testing it so I can get bugs worked out before the real release. Thanks everybody!
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LochJournal Version Rumors

Sad to say, there isn't a new version. I know, I know... boo!

However, that doesn't mean there won't be soon. I'm going to see if I can't get it out as a Christmas present to all you, my faithful users.

I don't know what exactly it will have and what it won't, but hopefully it'll be something new, something without all the bugs that 1.1 has, something you can use.

No promises, but I'm going to try my darndest.

Update: You can turn off these notifications pretty easily. Just go into the options menu and look for the option that talks about "Check for New Versions." Turn that off and voila you're done!
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A Moment of Silence, Please.

I would like to take a moment to recognize someone for their contributions to LochJournal. This person has singlehandedly demonstrated the reasons that I work on LochJournal in my almost non-existant free time, striving to bring my loyal users a product that they can rely on and use for all of their journaling needs.

foxmajik, I would like to thank you for this comment. In fact, I think I will quote you:

Relying on others is a pathetic excuse.
It's your software. Blaming someone for not giving you artwork is no excuse for not fixing a bug. Art is not necisary to fix a bug. You don't have to fix it, but if you're not going to fix it, there's no need to blame your laziness or lack of focus on those who relied on you for good software. You suck. You're nothing. If you were in my toilet I wouldn't bother flushing you.
-- foxmajik

(Quoted just in case such a wonderful, creative piece of brilliance might accidentally get deleted.) You have brightened my day, friend, and helped to improve the image I have in my mind of those that call themselves "furries."

I hope you are not a representative sample of your race, and I can guarantee that I am not a representative sample of mine. Once again--thank you!
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History Feature Non-Functional

As mentioned here back in February:

Auto-Update History and other functions to download your history DO NOT work. I'm sorry, but this is a problem with a LiveJournal "fix" that broke LochJournal. Version 2.0 is going to have history functionality, but I haven't actually released it yet, because of a few things.

1. I need graphics. Go back in this community a post or two and you'll see my call for graphics. I had people say they were going to make some, and then ... nobody did. So... artists... help? :)
2. Not all of the features are done. I'm still working on this, but the lack of artistic help was a bit discouraging, and I haven't gotten around to finishing it. :P

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LochJournal 2.0 Progress

Since this is taking so long, I've decided to call it LochJournal 2.0. Additionally, it is a total rewrite. Anyway, I'm posting this now from LochJournal 2.0. It posts! And the whole friends viewing/editing thing works. Uh, so, what's left to do:

- Graphics (which I'm writing about now)
- Posting system final touches (right now, when you post, it goes through but the window stays and it doesn't say it posted, but the posting mechanism is done)
- Editing posts (tied into history system)
- History system (includes the database for storage and retrieval, the whole UI, and such)
- Options dialogs (you can't set any program options yet, heh)

Those are the main things. I've been spending a good amount of time on it recently, so I think we're getting closer to a nice release. Heh. Anyway, I've got this raw, unfinished version of the program available for people who are interested in doing graphics work. To download LochJournal 2.0 Pre-Release, click here.

To use this... please unzip it into a new directory somewhere. Then just run LochJNew.exe. It will prompt you to create a profile, which you have to do. Once it's all loaded, you'll see the buttons on the left side that need icons. Additionally, the large green block on the right of the status page is editable. I don't know what to put there, a large LochJournal logo? We don't have a logo. I don't know. Be artistic.

What I'm thinking for buttons...has anybody used MSN Messenger? You know how the buttons look all round and spacey and whatnot? I like that style. I like abstract concepts. I like futuristic stuff. I am not artistic, though. If you want to try your hand at buttons, go for it.

When you've whipped something up, go ahead and either e-mail me or comment to this entry. In a few weeks or something I'll put up a poll here and find out which ones people like the best and then if all's well we'll set those as the official buttons and you'll get mad props in the about dialog (when it's written).

Any questions? Shoot 'em my way. Oh, and if you manage to run into any access violations (heaven forbid) please let me know. I'd be interested in seeing how this version of the program behaves to people.


Edit: Turned comments on, removed the blank mood... yeah, this still has some bugs. Working on it. ;)
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Forums down, auto-update down, et cetera.

The domain that we were hosting our forums and auto-update notification code on has gone down. It won't be back for a while. As such, for now, you will want to disable the option that checks for new versions, and you'll want to avoid trying to use the forums.

LochJournal 1.2 is slated for release At Some Point. I really can't be any more specific than that. Uh, for those who are interested in doing art, here's a bit about what we're looking for:

A series of icons, 60 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall, that are on the buttons that lead to the Status page, Friends List page, Friends Control (page to edit your friends list), Groups page, and History page. The new LochJournal looks different. If anybody wants to see how the UI functions to get an idea for how the buttons will be used, please let me know, and I can get you a copy of it.

We'll need other graphics as well, but these are the main ones that I'm holding off releasing until I get them. (Well, and get all the functionality coded in. I'm rewriting everything. Everything. And by that, I mean everything. Things are working better now, but it takes time. Lots of time.)

I'm not going to quote a timeframe, because I'm not sure how busy my life will be this summer. We'll see.

Thanks for your patience with the down server. Please stay tuned to this community for more information as it becomes available.
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Status of LochJournal

Hi guys. Thanks for hanging in there still...I know that it's been a while since version 1.1 came out, and there's a lot of problems that need to be fixed. Don't worry, though. xb95 has not abandoned the project, and is working on the next version of LochJournal. However, he's been very busy as of late, which is why it's taking a long time for it to be finished.

In the meantime, the history feature of the client is officially broken. It will be fixed in the next version though, so that's something to look forward to.

Also, LochJournal will have a new interface in the next version, which we are very excited about. However, as you can see from the official Lochy icon thing that I made back when this client was in the alpha stages, we're not the greatest with graphic-making. So, xb95 has asked me to ask you guys if anyone would be willing to help make graphics for the new version. If so, please comment here and let us know, and someone will contact you about it if we need you.

Thanks again for supporting us. :)

Edit: Also, I never did tell people how to fix the blank mood bug thing (once we figured out what was wrong, which took a while to do). Read this comment for instructions on how to fix the bug.
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History Update

Well, the protocol for updating the history is back up, but it's different now. As a result, almost everyone I've talked to (including myself) cannot download their histories using LochJournal. If you try, you may receive messages similar to the following while it tries to download:

Connection for mode ljGetEvents made, sending request.
(Connection for mode ljGetEvents has received #### bytes.) <- The #### increases
Connection for mode ljGetEvents closed, processing server response.
Connection for mode ljGetEvents done processing, now handling data.
DoGetEvents: L-1 = 2001-05-28 12:23:01 <- The date here seems to be random
Connection for mode ljGetEvents had finished all data handling, freeing.

This repeats over and over again, never getting past the one entry it seems to be stuck on.

So basically, unless Brad fixes syncitems, everyone's going to have to sit tight until the next version comes out. It should be worth the wait, though. :)
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