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Latest Version: LochJournal 2.2 (818kb) - Download
LochJournal is a client that helps ease the use of LiveJournal and other internet journals that use LiveJournal's codeset. It was created by Mark Smith in June 2001 and has been updated by him ever since. He originally created it just to see what he could do, never thinking that it would grow to be as popular as it is today. LochJournal has over 2000 active users, over half of which use the latest version. It is the fourth most popular LiveJournal client.

Distinguishing LochJournal from other clients is the fact that a user can have a journal on any website that uses LiveJournal's codeset, and he or she will be able to use LochJournal with it. Additionally, if a user has more than one journal, he or she will still easily be able to use LochJournal, since it has "profiles", which each hold a separate username. Therefore, a single user can have two LiveJournals, one DeadJournal, and three uJournals, yet still be able to manage them all easily in LochJournal. Each username would have its own profile, with its own separate friends, groups, and history. All the user would have to do is switch between profiles to switch between different journals or usernames. Also, if two people use the same computer and both of these people have a journal, they could make it so they would have to type in their passwords to switch to their profiles, so that they could be sure that their journals are protected.

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Latest Version
LochJournal 2.2 (818kb) - Download

Older Versions
LochJournal 1.1 (877kb) - Download
Some people don't like the 2 series and wish to use the 1 series. 1.1 is the latest stable release in that line.
The first stable release of the LochJournal 2 series--LochJournal 2.2!

This version features the long awaited checkfriends support. This gives you the ability to know as soon as someone posts an entry on your friends page! LochJournal now supports this feature through the Edit Alerts menu within the Profile menu.

This version also sports a full featured installer, much like earlier 1.0 series versions. It makes it very easy to install!

As always, please let me know what you think!


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