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LochJournal 1.1 Released!

Version 1.1 is out. It's mostly a bugfix release, but it has quite a few fixes that may be worth downloading it for. It should work with DeadJournal and other services again--sorry for the problems it's been having. Hopefully (I stress hopefully) there shouldn't be any problems with that line of thought for a while to come. I hope. But of course, we'll have to wait and see.

  • Added filter option so you can sort your history

  • Added View button on groups page to view entries from that group

  • Added song detection for Winamp3

  • Added Undo item to the Edit menu in the post window

  • Added separate "user has birthday today" notification text

  • Added Delete Last menu item in main menu

  • Added code to check for hung connections and restart them or discard them as indicated

  • Added strikethrough to journals that are deleted, purged, or suspended [Friends tab]

  • Added new code to make LochJournal respect different user accounts with respect to starting with Windows

  • Added code to have profiles and options load with Windows users

  • Added "Spellcheck on Post/Edit" option to automatically spellcheck on post

  • Fixed edit event code--options weren't being saved to server

  • Fixed paste code so that it doesn't paste with formatting

  • Fixed bug that caused user profiles to not save every 5 minutes like they should

  • Fixed problem whereby old servers don't support Unicode clients

  • Fixed random crash problem in timer loop

  • Fixed problem where bad response from server would cause an entry to stay grayed

  • Fixed focus problem with new/edit profile window

  • Fixed minimize on startup code to actually perform correctly

  • Fixed problem whereby focus in new post notification window was set oddly

  • Fixed code that caused window to reset size when profile changed

  • Fixed minor tab order problem on post form

  • Fixed focus bug when showing form from being hidden

  • Fixed more start minimized wonkiness when new versions are available

  • Changed post form so that while posting the text entry is readonly instead of just disabled -- so if LJ freezes you can still copy your entry

  • Changed default simultaneous connections to 3

Anyway, you can download 1.1 here. As always, questions and comments to the forums.

Thanks all.

Update: And as always, there's one problem with each release. This time, I uploaded the file in ASCII mode instead of BINARY... try again, if you've been having corrupt file problems. Thanks.

IMPORTANT: This version will cause all of your options, profiles, etc to be lost. You will have to reset everything. This is to allow people who use different accounts on their computer to have separate options, profiles, etc. Please keep this in mind.
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