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History Update

Well, the protocol for updating the history is back up, but it's different now. As a result, almost everyone I've talked to (including myself) cannot download their histories using LochJournal. If you try, you may receive messages similar to the following while it tries to download:

Connection for mode ljGetEvents made, sending request.
(Connection for mode ljGetEvents has received #### bytes.) <- The #### increases
Connection for mode ljGetEvents closed, processing server response.
Connection for mode ljGetEvents done processing, now handling data.
DoGetEvents: L-1 = 2001-05-28 12:23:01 <- The date here seems to be random
Connection for mode ljGetEvents had finished all data handling, freeing.

This repeats over and over again, never getting past the one entry it seems to be stuck on.

So basically, unless Brad fixes syncitems, everyone's going to have to sit tight until the next version comes out. It should be worth the wait, though. :)
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