Janine (janinedog) wrote in lochj_announce,

Status of LochJournal

Hi guys. Thanks for hanging in there still...I know that it's been a while since version 1.1 came out, and there's a lot of problems that need to be fixed. Don't worry, though. xb95 has not abandoned the project, and is working on the next version of LochJournal. However, he's been very busy as of late, which is why it's taking a long time for it to be finished.

In the meantime, the history feature of the client is officially broken. It will be fixed in the next version though, so that's something to look forward to.

Also, LochJournal will have a new interface in the next version, which we are very excited about. However, as you can see from the official Lochy icon thing that I made back when this client was in the alpha stages, we're not the greatest with graphic-making. So, xb95 has asked me to ask you guys if anyone would be willing to help make graphics for the new version. If so, please comment here and let us know, and someone will contact you about it if we need you.

Thanks again for supporting us. :)

Edit: Also, I never did tell people how to fix the blank mood bug thing (once we figured out what was wrong, which took a while to do). Read this comment for instructions on how to fix the bug.
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