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Forums down, auto-update down, et cetera.

The domain that we were hosting our forums and auto-update notification code on has gone down. It won't be back for a while. As such, for now, you will want to disable the option that checks for new versions, and you'll want to avoid trying to use the forums.

LochJournal 1.2 is slated for release At Some Point. I really can't be any more specific than that. Uh, for those who are interested in doing art, here's a bit about what we're looking for:

A series of icons, 60 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall, that are on the buttons that lead to the Status page, Friends List page, Friends Control (page to edit your friends list), Groups page, and History page. The new LochJournal looks different. If anybody wants to see how the UI functions to get an idea for how the buttons will be used, please let me know, and I can get you a copy of it.

We'll need other graphics as well, but these are the main ones that I'm holding off releasing until I get them. (Well, and get all the functionality coded in. I'm rewriting everything. Everything. And by that, I mean everything. Things are working better now, but it takes time. Lots of time.)

I'm not going to quote a timeframe, because I'm not sure how busy my life will be this summer. We'll see.

Thanks for your patience with the down server. Please stay tuned to this community for more information as it becomes available.
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