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LochJournal 2.0 Progress

Since this is taking so long, I've decided to call it LochJournal 2.0. Additionally, it is a total rewrite. Anyway, I'm posting this now from LochJournal 2.0. It posts! And the whole friends viewing/editing thing works. Uh, so, what's left to do:

- Graphics (which I'm writing about now)
- Posting system final touches (right now, when you post, it goes through but the window stays and it doesn't say it posted, but the posting mechanism is done)
- Editing posts (tied into history system)
- History system (includes the database for storage and retrieval, the whole UI, and such)
- Options dialogs (you can't set any program options yet, heh)

Those are the main things. I've been spending a good amount of time on it recently, so I think we're getting closer to a nice release. Heh. Anyway, I've got this raw, unfinished version of the program available for people who are interested in doing graphics work. To download LochJournal 2.0 Pre-Release, click here.

To use this... please unzip it into a new directory somewhere. Then just run LochJNew.exe. It will prompt you to create a profile, which you have to do. Once it's all loaded, you'll see the buttons on the left side that need icons. Additionally, the large green block on the right of the status page is editable. I don't know what to put there, a large LochJournal logo? We don't have a logo. I don't know. Be artistic.

What I'm thinking for buttons...has anybody used MSN Messenger? You know how the buttons look all round and spacey and whatnot? I like that style. I like abstract concepts. I like futuristic stuff. I am not artistic, though. If you want to try your hand at buttons, go for it.

When you've whipped something up, go ahead and either e-mail me or comment to this entry. In a few weeks or something I'll put up a poll here and find out which ones people like the best and then if all's well we'll set those as the official buttons and you'll get mad props in the about dialog (when it's written).

Any questions? Shoot 'em my way. Oh, and if you manage to run into any access violations (heaven forbid) please let me know. I'd be interested in seeing how this version of the program behaves to people.


Edit: Turned comments on, removed the blank mood... yeah, this still has some bugs. Working on it. ;)
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