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Welcome, and a Volunteer Request.

Good morning, I hope everyone is having a good day. :)

First of all, welcome to the lochj_announce community. This community will be used for announcements such as new versions and volunteer requests like this, and thus it can only be posted to by designated people. It will be low spam, so as to encourage the most people to watch it for announcements.

Anyway, on to the real reason for this post. I've had some people express interest in helping out with LochJournal, so I've put together a (probably incomplete) list of things that I can see right now that I would like some help with. They're mostly maintenance things that would be helpful for things to run smoother. Things that I usually do, or don't do, and could possibly be done by others.

Beta Testers - Granted, everyone is a "beta tester" technically since the client is still listed as in beta, but I would like to have a group of a few people who don't mind downloading new versions every week to test things. I hate releasing a new version one day and then another one two days later because of some obvious bug I missed that I shouldn't have. A dedicated group of a dozen people to "preview" versions before they're released and help identify bugs would be awesome. Maybe I should create a community for this, and then ask for applications, or what? (Someone with real life experience in QA is guaranteed a spot on any beta tester team. ;))

Web Site - The web site is horrid and simple. I already had an offer from kritikal to work on this, but I'm just putting it into the list while I'm thinking about it.

FAQ/Documentation - There is no documentation right now, really. A readme file, but it's not all that helpful, and that's it. I think janinedog has expressed interest in this project, but is anybody else interested in helping write something? Perhaps a few people could work together to come up with the FAQ or whatever. I dunno. I'm not that great with documentation, I abhor it, but I know it's a necessary evil--if someone else writes it. ;)

Bug/Feature Request Lists - Right now, I just scan through the community looking for bugs or new features to implement. This is hardly efficient because I know that I've missed posts before, and sometimes there's a bug or feature request inside a comment to an entry and I don't see it. I would like someone to be the official list maintainer for bugs and features--maybe one person for each? They could e-mail it to me once a week, or whatever, I don't know, thoughts? Perhaps we could use the SourceForge account I already have for LochJournal, it has bug/feature services that I haven't investigated.

I can't think of anything else that's really pressing. The above items, if done, would sure make my life a lot easier. I'm open to suggestions, though. Please, count this as an open forum.
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