xb95 (xb95) wrote in lochj_announce,

LochJournal 2.0 BETA

Alright guys. I've got a BETA of LochJournal 2.0 ready for some testing. Basically, it has the following features DONE and WORKING (I hope):

- Posting
- Multiple servers
- Friend management
- Group management
- Calendar (view upcoming birthdays)
- Unicode support (theoretically, I never use it, though, so...)

It does NOT have the following features, yet:

- Post preview
- Spellchecking
- Most configuration options (it has a few)
- Support for proxies
- Complete graphic set (missing a button)

These features are all *relatively* minor, if you don't mind all the defaults that I've setup. :) If you do, poke me until I get the final 2.0 done.

And, in other notes ... I forgot who sent me the graphics I'm now using. Please speak up and name yourself so that I can honor you! Also, it needs another button... one for the Calendar page. It used to say Unknown, so the button still says that.

This version is also 99% translateable. You can make it into other languages. Just check out the en.dat file in the lang directory. You can change the language you use by changing that option in the Preferences dialog. If you translate it into another language, mail me the .dat file and I'll include it in the official 2.0 release when it comes out!

Download link.

Unzip all of these files to a new directory, something like c:\lochjournal, and then you can run the lochjnew.exe program. Please let me know if you have any problems, questions, comments, or suggestions. I'm always open to feedback.

I'll try to get the real 2.0 version released here over this break sometime, but I wanted to get some people testing it so I can get bugs worked out before the real release. Thanks everybody!
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