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LochJournal 2.1

Been about two months since I rolled out 2.0 BETA. I've had some good feedback and some time to work on it, so I figure it's time I rolled out the 2.1 version. I'm not quite ready to throw this in an installer and call it Gold, so I'm going to once again go the route of having a zip file for people to test it.

I'm not calling this a beta, as it's in much better shape than 2.0 was. But, it's still got some kinks in the system, and I'm hoping that by getting some feedback from ya'll, I'll be able to get those worked out so we can get a 2.2 stable version coming out shortly after this. (Heh. Shortly.)

Some things that have changed in 2.1:

- Calendar button! (Thanks stephendann!)
- Save as Draft functionality (as well as opening drafts and posting them, etc)
- Post auto-recovery (if it can't contact the server or fails somehow, it should recover...)
- Proxy support (supposedly, someone test it?)
- Stability, stability, stability!

Things that are not done yet:

- Spellchecking (eventually...)
- Draft Saving every X minutes
- Pretty options page (kinda ugly right now)
- Entry preview functionality
- WYSIWYG/rich editing? (Maaaaaybe...)
- Userpic preview in the selection dropdown
- Journal/service crossposting of the same entry
- Encryption of drafts (they're plaintext right now)
- Journal history
- Checkfriends protocol support
- Console support

Of course, you all are probably wanting to know where to get this new version.

Download link.

Once again: this is a preview version for people who are helping to test LochJournal before I can release it with an installer and call it stable. If you aren't comfortable with downloading beta code, don't try this at home.

It /should/ be compatible with your existing databases and such, but I wouldn't encourage you to keep 'em around. Might as well put this version in an entirely new directory (or just wipe the old directory clean).

Please comment with any feedback you have. Thanks!
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