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LochJournal 1.0 Released!

Over a year after LochJournal was first introduced to lj_dev, and six months after the first beta release, LochJournal has finally gone stable. That's right--1.0 is here!

This version includes one of the most requested features ever--spellcheck! (Granted, the included dictionary isn't that impressive--you might have to add a bunch of words to get it to function to your liking! It does remember words, though.) Also in this version:

  • Added network connection checking code -- now it shouldn't die if you're offline!

  • Added ability to queue server requests for later

  • Added new option to display browser windows in new window (IE Only)

  • Added right click menus for each profile, and options for each when logged in

  • Added "edit last" menu to edit your last entry downloaded

  • Added popup menu to friend list box (right mouse click on your list of friends)

  • Added display options to friends list so you can easily see colors, friends, etc

  • Added spellchecking code

  • Added Control+G shortcut to add IMG tag in post window

  • Added compatibility code for use with DeadJournal, uJournal, and other servers

This isn't the full list, and this doesn't even include the tons of bugfixes that went into this version. A full changelog can be seen by downloading this version and reading the readme. I highly recommend everybody who uses LochJournal download this version.

Also, there is now a web site to be used for support requests, bug reports, feature requests, and other discussion about LochJournal. You can access it here. Please use it!

You can download the new version here.

That's about all. As always, comments, suggestions, and everything are welcome!
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